recipient of the 2018 Montale Poetry Award, is an Italian poet and writer. He has worked with the J. Paul Getty Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the British Museum, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the National Roman Museum, the Capitoline Museums, the Archeological Museum in Naples, the Ara Pacis Museums and the Glyptothek of Munich, composing poems for ancient works of art, including The Boxer at Rest, the Discobolus, Arundel Head, the Ludovisi Gaul, the Victorious Youth, the Farnese Hercules, the Hercules by Scopas, the Elgin Marbles from the Parthenon, the Barberini Faun and many other masterpieces. His poems have been recited by actors like Kevin Spacey, Malcolm McDowell, Abel Ferrara, Joe Mantegna, Stephen Fry, James Cosmo, Robert Davi, Marton Csokas, Franco Nero, Jamie McShane, Vincent Piazza, Michele Placido and Alessandro Haber.