Gabriele Tinti
Andres Serrano



Limited Edition, Signed by the Artist and the Author, Numbered /100, Embossed


200 × 350 mm


Twenty-eight folios enclosed in unbound cover, inside acrylic slipcase




15 ex. cover


by Andres Serrano, acrylic on print, 130 × 130 mm, affixed on cover


77 poems by Gabriele Tinti


22 APRIL 2023


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In this highly distinctive artistic collaboration, Gabriele Tinti and Andres Serrano have produced a haunting meditation on religion, violence, and physicality. Tinti, the prize-winning author of the collection Ruins, has produced a sequence of poems that are as remarkable for their lyrical expressiveness as for their forceful compactness. Often disquieting and always uncompromising in their vision of the human capacity to do harm and be harmed, these poems are Tinti’s most impressive body of work to date.

Tinti’s verses accompany a series of images composed by Serrano—one of the most highly regarded artists of our time. Serrano’s works engage provocatively with the visual legacy of the Christian and classical traditions, while also embodying a very particular kind of beauty. Both the poems and the images in this volume are a major achievement in their own right; together they make for an essential collection.

THIS book is a confessio vitae, an expression of the drama every person experiences when separated from the divine, when pushed between hope and despair, illusion and disappointment, darkness and light. One of my references is Jacopone da Todi, a thirteenth-century  Italian clergyman and poet, a tormented and anxious, harsh and violent writer. The central part of the book is defined by the Improperia, a series of verses sung during the worship of the Cross on Good Friday. My epigrams retrace the themes of the Passion: release from flesh, bleeding, flaying, anointing. I was raised Catholic, and Confessions is about my relation to faith, my struggle, my torment. A wish to be freed through blood and suffering, through beauty and art.

Gabriele Tinti
PHOTOGRAPHY has always been my medium, and that is what I’m known for as an artist: my photographs. Although I studied painting and sculpture at the Brooklyn Museum Art School from 1967 through 1969,  I never allowed myself to venture into painting or sculpture. Recently, I found an old book with black and white illustrations of Michelangelo sculptures and, spontaneously and without giving it too much thought, started drawing on its pages with oil pastels. It was not unlike automatic writing and I very much enjoyed doing it. The resulting images are different from the pictures that inspired them, but I hope the spirit of Michelan­gelo is there. I’m happy to see these drawings accompany Gabriele’s poems in this book.

Andres Serrano

Gabriele Tinti is an Italian poet and writer. He has worked with the J. Paul Getty Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the British Museum (among many other institutions), and his poems have been performed by actors including Abel Ferrara, Malcolm McDowell, Robert Davi, Marton Csokas, Kevin Spacey, Stephen Fry, James Cosmo, Vincent Piazza, Michael Imperioli, Franco Nero, Burt Young, Michele Placido, Alessandro Haber, Jamie McShane and Joe Mantegna. In 2018 his ekphrastic poetry project Ruins was awarded the Premio Montale with a ceremony at the Museo Nazionale Romano in Palazzo Altemps.

Andres Serrano is an American artist and photographer. Renowned for his ambitious and challenging installations, he has won acclaim for series of photographs including America (“the photographs give such vivid presence to their subjects that it is hard not to feel genuinely moved”—The New York Times) and Torture (“both a call for justice and a compassionate portrayal of the human plight”—The Guardian). The images featured in Confessions have grown out of Serrano’s profound engagement with the work of Michelangelo.